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2017 Grand Prix Standings

Links to the current 2017 Grand Prix standings are shown below. Updated August 3, 2017. The TCRC Track Meet results are not included yet. Any questions or corrections? Send them to Greg Amend.

Current Standings - Men - Excel format
Current Standings - Women - Excel format.

To reduce possible scoring errors, participants are encouraged to register for each race with the same name. For example, use either Mike or Michael, but not both versions throughout the year. If your name changes during the year, please advise Greg to ensure proper credit.

Volunteer credit is required for completion of the Grand Prix. For more information, see the TCRC Grand Prix rules.

The abbreviations used in the results for gender/category are: Female and Male Masters (40 and over, abbreviated FM and MM), F/M Veterans (50 and over, abbreviated FV and MV), F/M Youth (18 and under, abbreviated FY and MY), and everyone else (19-39, Female Other and Male Other, abbreviated FO and MO). Grand Prix awards are first based on total points and then on age group, as spelled out in the TCRC Grand Prix rules.

Final Grand Prix results for previous years can be found from the Race Results.