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2007 Grand Prix Standings

The final Grand Prix standings are posted. These results include all events and your volunteer credit. Volunteer credit is required for completion of the GP. See the GP Rules for more details on the Grand Prix.

Our winners are Open/Overall: Annette Acuff and Max Straneva; Masters: Suzanne Myette and Michael Olson; Veterans: Nancy Werthmuller and Tom Carter; Youth: Kelly Billingiere and Jeff Martinez. Winners of divisions and age groups will be recognized at the TCRC dinner in 2008.

For any corrections or additions, send email to Greg Amend.

The abbreviations used in the results for gender/category are: Female and Male Open (FO and MO), Female and Male Masters (40 and over, abbreviated FM and MM), F/M Veterans (50 and over, abbreviated FV and MV), and Youth (18 and under, abbreviated FY and MY).

Final Grand Prix results for previous years can be found from the Results page.