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Ninth Annual Red Dress Run

June 21, 2006
Reported by Karen Fennie
Red Dress Photos

Verklempt. That's how I felt when I stood on an ice chest in the Maine Endwell parking lot to get the 9th Annual Red Dress Run started. I don't know if it was the perfect weather, the summer solstice or just festive atmosphere that is always a part of this race, but a record 77 runners turned out! This little race that started with a run on the track nine years ago keeps growing. Which is kind of scary. In a good way. And the runners are more generous than ever. They raised nearly $1,000 for the Crime Victims Assistance Center(CVAC). Another record.

There is one runner who every year, quietly writes a substantial check for this good cause. He doesn't ask to be thanked or acknowledged, but I would like to thank Myron Mokris here. His generosity is mirrored by the many other runners who give much more than the $5 entry fee. It is truly heart warming to see this.

A couple of things struck me when I was down loading photos from the run. Everyone is so happy in them. So much joy and goofiness (at least until they reach Pheasant Hill). People really seem to have a good time getting out of their element. And there is such a diversity in age. We keep hearing about how young people are leaving our community, but there are lots of them that turn out for this event right along side the folks that have a few more years under their belts.

I love hearing the stories of the annual hunt for the red dress. How Salvation Army didn't have the right size. The man with the price tags who said he would return his outfit after the run! Where did that guy find the white hat with the veil? Polka dots seemed to be popular this year. And we had our first man with child!!

Here's who captured the awards.

The other thing that made me verklempt was all the people who stepped up to help support the runners. I hope I have not forgotten anyone. Many thanks to the following. Alan Jones who marked the course, brought course maps and then had a water station at his house. Sue Cain who made the awesome sashes for award recipients. Grace Tabeek, George Groome and Kevin Pasterchik who served as our esteemed panel of judges. George also took photos and got info on the TCRC website. Fran Fitch who drove the course to make sure everyone was okay. Sue Priestly and Ed Jenner who provided another water station on the course. Karren Bee Donohoe for assistance with the raffle and for her loud whistle! Paul McCabe for slicing the watermelon and helping with clean up. Dan Dougherty for running the clock and running around helping in general. Meghan Whalen and Jean Rose Klein from Crime Victims Assistance Center(CVAC) who helped with the craziness of registration and JoAnn Navarro, President of the CVAC Board of Directors who also assisted with registration.

Last but certainly not least, thanks to my co-race director, Brendan Flynn. Many of you know he couldn't make it this year, but it was Brendan who secured the gift certificates from Saucony and took care of many other tasks before the run. He was certainly with us all in spirit!

Verklempt--according to the urban dictionary it means "overcome with emotion." Yes. That sums it up.

Karen Fennie
Physical Facilities, Binghamton University