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Eighth Annual Red Dress Run

June 29, 2005
Reported by Karen Fennie
Red Dress Photos

The 8th Annual Red Dress Run was wet, but lots of fun! Thanks to the 51 fashionistas who dressed to the nines and weren't afraid to let their make up run a little while they ran. Great ensembles this year, as always. It is nice to see this is becoming a family affair with quite a few moms, dads, and kids joining it.

The runners raised (again) a record amount of money for the Crime Victims Assistance Center: $741! Wow. Thank you for being so very generous. And a special thanks to Myron Mokris who's generosity year after year touches us deeply and is so very much appreciated.

Well, on to the awards.

There were many who helped us with the race. Thanks to Judges Grace Tabeek, Barney Taylor, George Groome and Nancy LaBare. Dan Dougherty and Byron LaBare assisted with timing. Kevin Pasterchik, Suzanne Myette and Gene LaBare ran the water stations. Thanks to the staff members from Crime Victims Assistance Center for coming and cutting up the watermelon! Everyone's help was very much appreciated. Thank you.

Karen Fennie
Physical Facilities, Binghamton University