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Minutes of TCRC 2004 Annual Meeting

By Suzanne Myette,
TCRC Membership Director

About 40 members attended the TCRC annual meeting at Brothers 2 on Tuesday night. Sue Cain, Brendan Flynn and Bob Pulz were elected to 3-year terms for the Board of Directors and Dan Dougherty volunteered (and was elected) to take Kevin Pasterchik's remaining 1-year Board seat (Barb Morrissey decided not to run).

The TCRC Board of Directors is now: Greg Amend, Dave Buchta, Sue Cain, Tom Carter, Dan Dougherty, Brendan Flynn, Vince Kelley, Grace Tabeek, and Bob Pulz.

The new Board elected Debbie Grassi as the new Secretary and Kevin Pasterchik was voted in as Treasurer. Tom Carter and George Joseph were re-elected as President and Vice-President respectively. I will serve as Membership Director and will continue to maintain the club's listserv. Please continue to send all renewals and membership forms to Suzanne Myette.

After the elections, there was open discussion about the Grand Prix and members were in favor of re-instituting some form of Grand Prix for 2004. Proposals for a new format and new awards (probably bringing back the participation mugs) will be discussed at the next Board meeting in April. Board meetings are open and members are encouraged to attend and provide input.

Minutes of April 5, 2004 Board Meeting

By Debbie Grassi

Present: Greg Amend, George Joseph, Dave Buchta, Fred Joslyn, Sue Cain, Vince Kelley, Tom Carter, Todd Lemmiksoo, Fran Fitch, Suzanne Myette, Brendan Flynn, Kevin Pasterchik, Debbie Grassi Bob Pulz, Ed Jenner, Grace Tabeek

1. President Tom Carter called the meeting to order and welcomed everyone.

2. Treasurer's Report - Suzanne Myette distributed copies of the report. Some discussion followed. Dave Buchta moved to approve the treasurer's report; Tom Carter seconded the motion. It was approved. Tom thanked Suzanne for her service as treasurer and welcomed Kevin Pasterchik as the new treasurer.

3. Secretary's Report - Grace Tabeek said that she would be picking up all the materials from former club secretary, Pete Keyes. She will also be overseeing the insurance paperwork and correspondence for races. The secretary's report was approved and seconded. Tom Carter welcomed Debbie Grassi as the new secretary.

4. Highway Pickup - scheduled for April 18 (rain date is May 8). Anyone interested in helping is asked to meet at the Parkway Diner at 7:30 am and at the Vestal High School parking lot at 8:30 am.

5. Forks XV Race Recap - A handout was distributed including revenue and expenses for the race. Tom Carter commended Tom Hamlin for his efforts and for a successful race, from organization to refreshments. George Joseph was pleased with the volunteer turnout, as well.

6. Cash Prizes and Race Awards - Fred Joslyn brought up a matter concerning NCAA rules prohibiting competitors from receiving cash prizes or merchandise at races. Fred will not accept the t-shirt from the Forks XV, but the money may be donated to a charity or given back to the TCRC to be donated elsewhere.

7. Budget Report - Kevin Pasterchik distributed a detailed, three page report which included the TCRC 2004 Draft Budget, the TCRC 2003 Finish Line Income, and TCRC 2003 Revenue and Expenses. Some discussion and questions followed regarding expenses and spending in the future. Tom Carter moved to accept the budget; Brendan Flynn seconded. The budget was accepted.

8. EMS Club Day - Vince Kelley informed everyone of a special weekend being sponsored by Eastern Mountain Sports in the Oakdale Mall. The TCRC will have a table set up on April 23 at EMS to promote the club, answer questions, and invite memberships. Special discounts will be given to TCRC members in the store. TCRC will also be offering specials, which include $10 memberships and $5 off the Kelly LaBare 5k race. A sign up sheet was passed around for people to take one-hour shifts at the table from 4 - 9 pm on the 23rd.

9. Wednesday Night Series - The series at the Maine-Endwell High School track will begin May 5. There will not be a meet on May 26 (STAC competition) or on June 30 (Red Dress Run). Qualifying date for those interested in competing in the Empire State Summer Games will be June 2 at the M-E track. Rain date is June 9. Events to be run are 400, 800, and 1500. Heats will be run if necessary.

10. Press Coverage - Tom Carter contacted Mike Mangan at the Press concerning covering local running events. Mike is interested in covering events, but needs three days prior notice.

11. Phil Russell - In June, Phil Russell will be receiving the French Medal of Honor in Paris for his service in WW II. Fran Fitch suggested that the TCRC send a card of appreciation and congratulations to Phil for this achievement. Tom Carter moved to send a card and a check for $50 to Phil. Brendan Flynn seconded. It was approved. Tom Carter said that he would take care of the matter.

12. Grand Prix Proposal - Much discussion took place concerning the various proposals to reinstate the Grand Prix. The following proposal was agreed upon: Competitors may choose any 5 events from the following:

 January Frostbite 10k Series (choose one 10k)
 St. Patrick's 4 miler
 Forks XV
 Vestal XX
 1 - one miler (Wed. night series)
 1 - two miler (Wed. night series) 
 Women's 5k
 Kelly LaBare 5k
 Chris Thater 5k
 Octoberfast 5k
 Octoberfast 10k
 Wineglass Marathon
 Steamtown Marathon
The volunteer requirement will remain. Further details concerning awards, etc., will be discussed at the May meeting. Tom Carter moved to accept the new Grand Prix proposal. Brendan Flynn seconded. The proposal was approved. It will be in effect this 2004 season.

13. Kevin Pasterchik moved to adjourn the meeting. Tom Carter seconded. The meeting was adjourned.

Minutes of June 14, 2004 Board Meeting

Submitted By Kevin Pasterchik

Present: Greg Amend, George Joseph, Dave Buchta, Sue and Patrick Cain, Vince and Ashlyn Kelley, Tom and Nicole Carter, Todd Lemmiksoo, Brendan Flynn, Kevin Pasterchik, Grace Tabeek , Dan Dougherty, Tim Rent, Joe Gwizdaloski, Ralph Fuller, Fred Bostrom, Alan Jones, Tom Hamlin, Stephen Nichols, Ben Nichols, David Nichols and Mrs. Nichols

President Tom Carter called the meeting to order and welcomed everyone.

Secretary's Report - The Meeting Minutes for the April 5th meeting were approved.

Treasurer's Report - Kevin Pasterchik distributed copies of the Treasurer's Report . After discussion the report was approved.

Board Meeting Scheduling - The general consensus was to keep the meeting's on the 1st or 2nd Monday every other month depending on members' schedules. The Board does have the flexibility to move to a Tuesday (or other day of the week) as there is nothing specific in the by-laws on this. The Board will continue to meet at Brothers 2 as long as it is available.

Grand Prix - Tom Carter distributed a letter mailed to 39 area coaches in the area discussing and encouraging students to participate in the TCRC Grand Prix. It was noted that the Grand Prix requirements are on the TCRC website.

Vestal XX - Fred Bostrom and Alan Jones discussed the upcoming Vestal XX on Saturday June 19th. Insurance has been received. 63 applications have been received to date; 10 ahead of last year. Fred still needs volunteers for the water stops.

Women's 5K - Vince Kelley discussed the Women's 5K scheduled for Saturday August 21st. Insurance is in process. A motion was approved for $300 in cash awards. This is the same as last year. Vince will be ordering T-shirts for those pre-registered that request them for an additional $6. Vince will get Board Approval prior to purchasing additional T-shirts. Vince is planning to do a bulk mailing in an attempt to increase participation. Vince presented a draft application.

Fancher 5K - Tom Hamlin discussed the Fancher 5K scheduled for Sunday July 25th. A nice Cool Max T-shirt will be provided. This is the 3rd year of the event. Insurance is in process. Grace Tabeek will handle the billing.

Lawrence Peters 5K - Ralph Fuller discussed the Lawrence Peters 5K scheduled for Saturday August 14th. The race was in November last year. Insurance is in process. The TCRC will do the finish line.

Matzke 5K - The Race Director, Barbara Ann Turecek, was not present for the meeting. Grace Tabeek indicated that as long as the Race Director came to the next Board Meeting she would work with her if they wanted insurance coverage and the TCRC to do the finish line as long as the insurance requirements were met on a timely basis. The race is scheduled for Saturday August 7th.

The Red Dress Run will be on June 30th. Brendan Flynn is looking for judges.

Membership Report - Greg Amend presented the Membership Report prepared by Suzanne Myette.

Newsletter - Grace Tabeek noted that the policy is to charge $25 for a "non" TCRC application to be included in a newsletter. Grace received a $50 check to include the Chris Thater 5K application in the upcoming newsletters. $25 was also received for the Orange Classic 10K application that was in the June newsletter.

It was noted that Club Day at the Oakdale Mall on Friday April 23rd was a success. The TCRC received both renewals and new memberships.

Adjourn - The meeting was adjourned. Donna and Phil Russell presented a slide show of their trip to France where Phil was honored with the French Medal of Honor.

Minutes of August 9, 2004 Board Meeting

By Debbie Grassi

Present: Sue Cain, Vince Kelley, Dan Dougherty, Barb Morrissey, Debbie Grassi, Kevin Pasterchik, George Joseph, Grace Tabeek

  1. George Joseph called the meeting to order.
  2. Lung Cancer Awareness Race - Barb Morrissey reported that the race is Sept. 26,1 pm, at Recreation Park. Insurance issues were discussed. Grace Tabeek said that she would take care of insurance. TCRC will do the finish line. Volunteers are needed.
  3. Secretaryís Report - No discussion. Vince Kelley moved to approve. George Joseph seconded. Minutes were approved.
  4. Treasurerís Report - Kevin Pasterchik distributed copies of the report along with a membership report for July and August. Some questions and discussion followed. Dan Dougherty moved to approve the report. Vince Kelley seconded. The treasurerís report was approved.
  5. Womenís 5k Race - Vince Kelley reported that the race is scheduled for August 21 in Endicott. Everything has been approved with the Village of Endicott and with insurance. Entries have been mailed. Vince has received about ten returns so far.
  6. Chris Thater 5k Race - Grace Tabeek reported that the insurance is all set. Elite entries are coming in quite strong. Everything is on schedule. Volunteers needed.
  7. Annual TCRC Dinner - A dinner chairperson or committee is needed for the dinner this year. Some discussion followed as to whether the format and venue should be changed to encourage greater attendance. An announcement will be included in the next newsletter.
  8. Vestal XX Course needs to be re-certified every ten years. Some discussion followed regarding cost and responsibility for certification. The board decided to table the issue until the next meeting.
  9. Grand Prix Scoring -Tom Carter wanted to clarify that it is the runnerís responsibility (not TCRC) to submit times and volunteer commitment to the TCRC at the end of the racing season.
  10. Forks XV Race - There was some concern about the date for the 2005 Forks XV because it may conflict with other popular races at that time. March 20, 2005 was agreed upon. George Joseph moved to approve the March 20 date. Dan Dougherty seconded. The date was approved.
  11. High School Awards - A reminder that high school students cannot accept prizes (cash or gift certificates). They can accept race t-shirts.
  12. The next board meeting is October 4, 2004.
  13. George Joseph adjourned the meeting.

Minutes of October 4, 2004 Board Meeting

Submitted By Kevin Pasterchik

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Minutes of December 6, 2004 Board Meeting

Submitted By Susan Cain

Minutes in Word Format